Opening Windows Command Prompt and PowerShell to current Explorer location

All these years using Windows and it is still so easy to learn something new!

I recently came across an article (wish I still had the link) that mentioned how to quickly open a command prompt with the same working directory as the current folder in Windows Explorer.

For so long I have used the painful process of copying the current location from the Explorer address bar, opening a command prompt and typing in:

cd /d {folder path}


The solution is so obvious that it is a little painful to just be learning it now. 🙂

From the explorer window, just type cmd into the address bar and hit enter.



Also works with PowerShell!


Going in reverse

And of course, to go from a command window to Explorer to browse the current working directory of the command window, just type in explorer . into the command window and hit enter.

Browse away!

While I wish I had thought to try this years ago, I’m at least glad I know it now. It’s never to late to learn a new trick.