Word Ownership

I have been more recently thinking about this due to the increasing turmoil of modern social media platforms; whether from drastic changes as the result of new owners, or pivots of the business in the continual chase for attention and advertising revenue.

Use HTML <details/> tag to hide/display content

Documentation is an important part of software development, But sometimes, large blocks of code or steps with multiple, lengthy steps can overtake the main points being made to the reader. In these situations, try using the HTML `details` tag to allow for content to be initially hidden and expanded if the reader wants to explore the content in-depth.

Converting a CSV file to Markdown using SQLite

From time to time I have a need create a table in Markdown format. Usually the original source is some kind of data sitting in a CSV file. There are quite a few converters out there, and of course, I could write my own. However, with my deepening interest in SQLite, I wanted to write a utility that used its power to do the work for me.

SQLite dot-commands: output formatting using ‘.mode list’

The command line shell for SQLite provides a variety of ways to output query results to fit the needs of your project. In all, the latest version of the sqlite3 command shell provides 10 different ways to output query results. In this post we will cover the default output mode, `list`, and see the different options that are available.